Artist Bio 

Roshni Wijayasinha is a Toronto based visual artist who specializes in large abstract expressionist paintings that are inspired by nature - its energy and interactions with humans. Using acrylic and mixed media, these paintings experiment with light, colours, textures and finishes, and many of her pieces can be transformed under a black light, or glow in the dark. Her first solo show in January of 2020 was called "Energy of the Earth" where she showed a collection of her most recent work. 

Gallery Shows

Solo Show - Queen's Shop

Permanent Collection at Hilton Markham


Hashtag Gallery

Gallery 1313

Black Cat Artspace

Freedom Factory 

Fusion Arts

Federation of Canadian Artists

Scarborough Arts Council

Street Art

Graffiti Alley BLM Mural

David Suzuki Butterfly Project Mural

6 Traffic Boxes Downtown Toronto

2 Planters on Gerrard Street

Gerrard Street Social Distancing Stickers

Scarlett Rd Bike Lane

Cutler & Gross Store Window

SpikeSOS Construction Box


ArtBattle Unleashed 


Porshe Macan Toronto Launch

Nando Loco's Tallship Fashion Show

Forks & Barrels Food Festival

Bollywood Christmas

FreshPaint Studio 

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